Workshop for International Postgraduates of the University of Bonn (Natural Sciences and Humanities)

Managing your career - handling dissertation and career entry:

Introduction to German application standards and career profiling for PhD candidates in their final year

Workshop for International Postgraduates of the University of Bonn


The first part of the workshop focuses on important steps in the final year of your PhD program such as constructive time management, coordination of the writing process, proofreading, editing and publishing. Together we will try to clarify the requirements and find explicit solutions. An appropriate plan and a daily structure to organize your writing and research will help you immensely with the successful completion of your dissertation.


In the second part of the workshop, you will be introduced to the German standards of the application process and job interviews. In the workshop we will focus on the format and sections of a CV and the content for each section. We will also practice self presentation and simulate a job interview in order to emphasize your personal goal and motivation.


Interview nerves can affect many areas. The idea of this workshop is to deal with difficult parts of the job interview, such as the structure of your answers, your body language, and the tone, clarity and volume of your voice. Being aware of these difficulties can help you control them and therefore be more effective on the day of the interview.


Number of participants: 15 max.

Tutor: Dr. Alexandra Leipold

Organizer: International Office, Universität Bonn.

Location: International Office, Poppelsdorfer Allee 53

Date: Friday, 30h of Julne2017, 9.30am – 5pm