Networking – Careers with a doctorate

How to establish, manage and value your networks


Networking means meeting and getting to know people who are willing to share information and advice about hobbies and career and to build ongoing relationships to exchange useful information and contacts. Above all, it means following up and keeping in touch with those who have assisted you with your work or research. Networking relationships are reciprocal: each member of the group gives something and gets something in return at the same time.


The workshop will support the participants in their networking capabilities and career decisions. We analyze personal values, develop career goals, reflect social and professional context. Furthermore, the participants will explore how networks and contacts are available and gain clarity of the importance of networking for their career. So resources will be perceived more consciously.


We will focus on

  • Self-presentation, e. g. networking on a conference (elevator speech and feedback
  • Definition and analysis of career goals to raise self-awareness
  • Analysis of obstacles and finding resources how to overcome them
  • Fundamentals for the formation of a network
  • Awareness of scientific networks and their benefits
  • Analysis of your own network capability and connect career targets and network

In Kooperation mit dem Bonner Graduierten Zentrum der Universität Bonn (BGZ).